Route 49 – A Rock and Roll History

The Website lives on, but the Band is no more.

Thanks to our fans, we had a blast!

In 2004, Greg put a classified ad in The Marklander, a local newsletter serving the Markland Wood neighbourhood at the western edge of the City of Toronto.  He was looking for musicians to form a band for fun and eventual world domination. 

Well five years later, after several personnel changes, Route 49 has established itself as a rockin’ band of accomplished musicians.  Named after the local bus route (and coincidently probably the median age of the band members), Route 49 consists of 5 musicians, all of whom live in Markland Wood, Etobicoke (that's west end Toronto)!

The band members are;

Franco  – rhythm guitar, lead vocals and treatment;

Gary  – bass, massive pedal effects and vocals;

Adrian – keyboards, sax and (attempts at) vocals;

Greg – drums / percussion and no vocals (Thank the Lord God Almighty... Can I get an AMEN?);

and Kevin – lead guitar and lead vocals and lead fashion consultant. 

Route 49 has now gained quite a reputation locally in Etobicoke, and has played at numerous private parties / functions and events locally, as well as standard bar gigs across the GTA.  Route 49 is a unique band with all members living so close together, raising families, day jobs and yet still able to produce pro music.  Most bands have to find members from far and wide in order to get the right mix.  Usually when neighbors get together, the result is some jamming but nothing too musical. But Route 49 rocked from the start. We are all doing this for the love of the music, and have reached a level of camaraderie that shows on stage.  The combination of musicianship and friendship leads to fun times at Route 49 gigs. 

Route 49 guarantees a packed dance floor.  Come check us out some time.  The songs are always changing as we add to our repertoire. 

Route 49 is for hire.  Contact us if you are looking for great music for your event.

We Were Route 49.